Saturday, February 2, 2013

Going Fishing

When you go out fishing somewhere, the local bass pond or trout stream, what do you want to see when you get there. It could be the beautiful scenery; the wildlife could come strolling into view, but for me the one thing I want to see is the fish. I want to see the action of them striking that dry fly, the fight they put up against me, their vibrant colors, and then to see it swim away. That’s what I want to see when I go out fishing, but that’s not what always happens. What usually happens, I get excited expecting to get a fish strike, I get to river, get all rigged up and ready to go, make a couple of cast in one spot and then move on to the next one, I stay there till it gets dark, and when come to that time to go. When I leave with no fish my self-esteem gets lowered slightly more, when I can’t fool that dumb stock trout. I think to myself, I don’t even want to fish any more and if I don’t catch any thing its not worth going, but then I’m told maybe you should tie flies prepare a good mind set. So that’s what I do tie flies to clear the mind of all its frustrations. When I return to the river with a clear mind that’s when I do get a strike, I may have not caught the fish but getting a strike is just as good and I accept its not all about the fish. Its just being there is what it’s about.

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