Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beginners Luck

            The one thing I like to do the most is fly-fishing; the only thing I enjoy more than fly-fishing is sharing that activity with people. Of all the fly-fishing experiences I have obtain over the last seven years I found that the most fun experiences were the ones with beginners. I enjoy teaching people, not only are they learning a new skill but I’m getting them to appreciate the natural environment a little more. To appreciate something such as native brook trout, that could be lost for ever to the slightest temperature change, to appreciate something like tiny bluegills that there presents supports an entire ecosystem without them there are no predatory fish. The biggest thing I appreciate is for people who take time out of their lives and spend a day with my worthless life to go fishing. When someone bails on me when they said they would go fishing with me, lowers my self-esteem just a bit more. But when they do go fishing with me, it raises my self-esteem, and gives me a good reason to keep pursuing my most favorite activity of fly-fishing. A wise fly fisherman once sung “I got flies in my pockets, boxes full of dreams, 
So many places other people want me to be, 
Bills to pay calls to make guess they're gonna have to wait
I'm busy doing nothin' In the North Country, 
Trout, Salmon all around no hotels not even a town
Lay my head where it falls tonight, 
Wake up on the side of a stream cast my line tie on a dream, 
Waste another day chasing things with fins, Flies and fins are all I have, 
Some folks think its so sad, 
Coulda been a politician or scientist,
One of these days I know I'm gonna die
I work just enough to survive
Spend my time chasing fish and tying flies.”

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