Thursday, March 14, 2013

Earliest Spring Catch or Latest Winter Catch

For the past five days I've been fly fishing my local river in MA. I did have some success on the river, the best success I've had in many a decade. The following is a brief summary of each day. Fly Fishing Day 1 was day a spent with dad fly fishing the local river, as usual I tried not to get my hopes up, because this was river I have not caught a trout in over three years. But turn out I had a successful day fly fishing the local river, caught the first rainbow trout of 2013 on hand tied fly I created called the Spring Stone. When I came home I ate a fortune cookie and read what the fortune said and it scared me. It said "Bend the rod while it is still hot", I thought it was just a strange coincidence that got that as my fortune. Fly Fishing Day 2 I spent the day with my mom at the local river, it wasn't as successful as day 1 had few hits but no fish. Fly Fishing Day 3 was late evening, but was slightly better than day 2, had two hook ups and one fish decided to strike my strike indicator. One fish felt big, it threw the hook and the other fish also felt big, it snap my line. On the rainy Fly Fishing Day 4, it was slow today with not much action, but there was some success with a fish striking my indicator again, and a nice 13 1/2in rainbow caught on a prince nymph. That would rainbow number 2 of 2013. Due to high water Fly Fishing Day 5 was very difficult, only action that happen on the water was getting snagged, after losing a double nymph rig I decided to call it a day. I think this will be and end to the fly fishing week, unless the water goes down or I find a place with low water

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Nice report, Matt!