Thursday, December 6, 2012

3 days, 2 Hatches, 1 Town, Roscoe

            When it comes to fly fishing in the spring the best place to go in the northeast is Roscoe NY. The fly-fishing capital of the world. Last spring I went to Roscoe in mid May this year with my best friend and his dad for a fly fishing trip. We stayed there for three days and fished the Beaverkill River for its trout.
The trip started with going with my best friend to visit college he’s going to UCONN with his family. We walk around the campus and took a tour of the school and saw all the different programs. We both thought it was boring as hell, I’ve only been there once and this was his fourth time he visited there. We finished the day off by going to the dairy farm on the campus and getting ice cream, standing in line for forty five minutes for ice cream it better be good. But it wasn’t much better than Kimball’s Farm ice cream in Westford MA. After our ice cream we finally left the UCONN to go to Roscoe NY.
We got to Roscoe that night after visiting UCONN. During the night we found a large salmon fly crawling around inside the motel. We let the salmon fly outside and we found mayflies on the walls outside. My best friend and I got excited both thinking dry fly fishing. The next morning we went to fish the Beaverkill River right behind the motel we stayed in. We didn’t have any luck behind the motel. We went eat lunch at the Buffalo Zach’s café, I ordered a Monte Cristo Panini. We then went to the Beaverkill Angler to get some flies, other fly fishing stuff, and ask them where we should go to fish. We went to Hendrickson’s pool that’s where they told us to fish and we caught nothing, we decided go to a spot called the Y pool. We caught a few brown trout. And that’s how we finished that day.
The next morning we tried Hendrickson’s pool again and we caught nothing. We went other spots on the Beaverkill River and we still caught nothing. We went for lunch at a diner and I ordered the same thing a Monte Cristo sand which. After lunch we went another fly shop called the Catskills flies and he recommend that we try the Upper Delaware River for some rainbow trout. We went were he recommended on the Delaware River on the border of PA, yet still we caught nothing, that evening we went to the same place that evening and we caught more brown trout at the Y pool.
The next morning we went to the same spots and we tried further down stream. We decided to head back to town to get lunch. We had pizza for lunch and we decided to go to a section of river we have not yet fished. As we fished that section of river my best friend and I both caught brown trout that were sixteen inches long. I caught mine on a caddis dry fly and my best friend caught his on a may fly. Just so that we could catch more fish we went to the Y pool again but this time we caught nothing. That how we finish our trip was that day of catching the sixteen inch brown trout.
Here's a video of the trip

3 Days, 2 Hatches, 1 Town, Roscoe from Troutdoors on Vimeo.

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